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This is one of my favourite places to eat in Spetses, if not my favourite. From the first moment I spotted the place, I pointed and begged ‘Please let’s go there!’. The tables are literally in the sand and waiters have to cross the road and watch out for passing horses or motor bikes whilst carrying their trays of food. Even so, one glimpse is enough to remind me why I love summer in Greece – the sea, the seafood by the sea and the chilled wine.

Most of the starters here are very good, so we tend to stick to ordering tons of these. The grilled sardines, house salad, fava and fried gavros are excellent choices to start. For a main course, try any grilled fish and it will most certainly be cooked to perfection. The shrimp pasta for 2 is also delicious, with just the right balance of sauce and spiciness in the dressing and a very healthy portion of shrimp. There are also some delicious meat dishes available for those who do not like seafood-try the biftekia or the grilled steak.

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Dessert is usually on the house and can include fruit or a selection of desserts including halva, one of the only desserts I truly look forward to eating as it suits wine. Any place you go it is made differently, but here is one of the best versions I have tried. Did I mention prices range around 15-20 euros a person, including wine!? Unheard of for this island! Try at any time of day, for any occasion. 



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