Sample delicious Greek varieties in a beautiful wine bar in central Athens, accompanied by a professional sommelier to guide you.


  • Wine tastings are always guided and interactive
  • Part of a group (numbers differ)
  • Tastings last approximately 2 hours from 17.00-19.00 pm, every day
  • Sommelier/Staff always present
  • Prices below are per person

Price List

Red Wines 3 glasses 12€
5 glasses 20€
8 glasses 32€
White Wines 3 glasses 11€
5 glasses 18€
8 glasses 28€
Red & White Wines 4 glasses 16€
8 glasses 30€


wine tasting people


4 types of cheeses and 2 cold cuts 15€
4 Greek premium mezes (shrimp ceviche/ mini-dakos with cheese dip & red peppers in wine-must/ snail fillets in vinnaigrette/ delicately smoked trout 15€



Special Treats

Try white wine aged by being submerged in the island of Santorini’s sea for 5 years. ‘Thalassitis’ by Gaia winery tasting is a guaranteed one of a kind luxury experience. The taste can change up to three times after opening the bottle – something sampled by very few since there are a limited number of bottles (photos below).

Price per bottle 250 Euro.