Home to some of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece such as Ancient Olympia - birthplace of the Olympic Games, Mycenae – home of King Agamemnon and even Sparta, the home place of King Leonidas and his army of warriors, the Peloponnese is also an area of stunning natural Mediterranean beauty. If you are looking for rolling hills scattered with Cyprus trees and lazy drives around winding country roads, you have found your destination.

As in much of Greece, winegrowing on the Peloponnesian Peninsula dates back thousands of years. Homer even referred to the area as Ampeloessa, meaning "full of vines" and indeed, it is a terroir suitable for premium viticulture and other local Greek products, such as olive oil and honey.

Renting a car and winery hopping is a popular past time in the Peloponnese. Contact a member of our team to help you plan your Peloponnesian journey now!

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